Foods in Sicily

3 12 2012

Food in Sicily

The variety and complexity of the culinary art in Sicily is the result of thousands of years of history, the amassing over the centuries of different layers of civilization and culture. Sicilian cuisine is rich an elaborate, contributions to it from distant places. In fact, almost every dish have some ingredient from outside the island. There is the influences of Greek, Latin, Arab-Norman, Franco-Hispano.

The ancient Greek cuisine remained true to itself during the time of the Roman occupation, when the island was the ‘granary’ of the Empire.

Typical of Sicilian cuisine: as hors d’oeuvres, stuffed tomatoes, vegetable caponata, stuffed or crushed olives; as first course, pasta with sardines, pasta ‘ncasciata, pasta A la Norma, crispeddi, sfincioni. As main and side dishes we should mention swordfish A la ghiotta, aubergines prepared in various ways, sardines a beccafico, broccoli affogati, falsomagro and a great varety of cheeses, from pecorino to tuma to primosale. From the vast array of sweets and cakes we will mention cannoli, frutti di Martorana, agnello pasquale, pignolata and a great variety of granite.

Sicilian wines are of high quality, pure and strong with a punch in them and often a touch of Marsala quality. As well as the various types of Marsala, Bianco di Alcamo, Regaleali, Corvo di Salaparuta, various kinds of Moscato and Passito (Pantelleria), the excellent wines of the Etna district (white, rose and red), Malvasia delle Lipari, Ambrato di Comiso and Faro di Messina.



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