Seeds of the Lemon Grove

The new Mafia novel from the pen of Joe D’Amato.


Every young man has a journey and every journey has an end. Against the background of Sicily, Phillip LaChiana is transformed from an American on vacation to a young man overwhelmed by his new found Sicilian culture. Sangue lava lu sangue, blood washes blood, demands he must confront his father’s killer.

Worlds collide in this tale of romance and violence as a young law student seeks his past only to find that the beauty of his birthplace hides a secret exceeded in ugliness and shock value only by the revelation of his own heritage. The pastoral charm of Sicily deceptively caresses the soul as his story weaves a level of intrigue that peels away the lemon-scented warmth of the sunny isle to reveal a culture steeped in a lethal code of honor, grasping the young protagonist in its clutches and dragging him deeper and deeper into a web of love and intrigue from which there is no escape.

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17 02 2013
Michele Wyan

Intriguing characters and plot, and author Joe Damato is interviewed on at

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